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Back to basics

Macor Minutes

Joe's Take:

Public Safety, streets and infrastructure, housing and taxes, and family supporting jobs are priorities that I feel need our undivided attention as a community” said Macor. “We need to address these issues head on. I have seen and experienced the challenges we are facing today as a business owner, husband, parent, and coach and want to be a part of moving Duluth city government back to serving its citizens in a way that is most economically sustainable and efficient.

As your City Councilor, I will make it a priority to watch where your taxpayer dollars are being spent and base policy decisions on how they will impact Duluth families, homeowners, job creators, young people, vulnerable populations, and others. My experiences have given me some perspective in all of these areas. As a business owner, job creator, and advocate for vulnerable people, I know first-hand there are opportunities where Duluth to do better.


Through my family, my business, and the organizations I’m involved in, I’m invested in Duluth, and I want to see this city succeed in providing a safe and prosperous lifestyle to its citizens. I will bring a well-rounded perspective, common sense ideas, and a “Let’s face and let’s fix it” attitude to the City Council.  I’m looking forward to using this summer to meet face-to-face with voters, learn their concerns, and earn their votes.




Our aging infrastructure should be a city council top concern - from roads and bridges to water and sewer, taxpayer dollars need to be prioritized to maintain and repair these systems giving residents peace of mind. This is a let's face it and fix it problem. We need to evaluate how we've gotten so far behind and come up with a solution that lets us catch up and stay on top of maintenance and repairs. It's time we get creative in solving problems like these that have plagued our city for years. 

Police Car Lights


Our police and fire departments have been neglected when it comes to funding leaving both struggling to maintain numbers.  The call load for Duluth has risen drastically in the last few years leaving our city at risk.  


Having a safe community is vital. Our children, families, and friends deserve a safe place to live and work. Ensuring our police and fire departments have adequate funding for hiring, retention, and training for our law enforcement officers and firefighters is paramount over these next few years. With rising call loads and increasing retirements, investment into our public safety has never been more important. 

Aerial View of Suburban Street


Solving the housing crisis is about finding adequate housing for every income level in Duluth. Whether that be a single parent, college graduate just starting out, a growing family, or a senior looking to downsize.


As a city, we need to work with developers, property managers, and real estate experts to improve availability in every price range, cut red tape, incentivize development, and find ways to reduce the property tax burden.

People Working in Open Office


As we just saw with the move to reopen the VERSO paper mill site, we can bring jobs to Duluth. But let's not stop there. Our city has several industrial sites and office settings ready to welcome in new business.


I will be an advocate for good-paying jobs, whether they are shovel or keyboard ready. Creating opportunities for economic development ensures long-term financial stability for our city. 

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